Intention vs. Perfection

I’ve been thinking a lot about intention lately. I’m working really hard to be wayyyyy more intentional with eating right, working out, reading, spending quality time with the right people, saving money, and the list goes on…

But throughout the last few months of this process, I’ve realized that maybe the biggest enemy to intention isn’t neglect or procrastination or laziness. Maybe, intention’s greatest enemy is perfection.

I don’t know about you (but I’m feeling 22), but I am a perfectionist to my very core.

It’s to the point where if I start to feel like I will not be able to master a task and do it perfectly right away then I would rather quit and walk away. I like to be the best at things. And if I can’t be the best then I still like being towards the top. I’m a front-of-the-pack kind of girl.

You can see where this could easily hinder my new-found intionality.

I can’t choose to be intentional with conditions. If I’m putting conditions on my intentions I’d never get anywhere. The point of being intentional is to make you push through when it gets hard, to help you create habits so that the things you want to accomplish become second nature, automatic reflexes.

So maybe one week I only run 2 times instead of 3. Or maybe I only read 5 books instead of 10. Or maybe I didn’t post on my blog for a few months because I was busy doing other things really well.


I’m learning to give myself permission to be human. I don’t have to be the best at everything right away. There’s a learning period that comes before mastery.

The things I have chosen to be intentional about are things that are already making me better and happier. AND, I’m doing a pretty daggon good job with those things – even if I haven’t been posting fancy updates with beautiful, high-quality photos like I want.

All that to say: I’m learning, I’m growing, and I’m getting better step-by-step (not all at once). I’ve been reading so many books that I cannot wait to tell you about. I’ve been eating really well and have some successful recipes I’ve tried that I’m excited to share with you. I am currently sore and walking with a little wobble because I’ve been running and recently set a new personal record. I got to take the BEST vacation that opened my eyes to so many things (you best believe you’ll hear about that trip). And best of all, I’m reminded again how I’m surrounded by the absolute best group of people on the planet.

So this summer might be a little bit of catch up and story time over here on the blog, but I’m so ready to get back to doing what I love. I’m putting to rest the perfectionist in me and am focusing on being intentional and pushing through.

Please join me!


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