Book Club

I cannot believe we are already into the second month of 2016. When I was praying about 2016 and writing out all my goals, I decided that I wanted to be more intentional with many things this year. One of those things is reading.

I love reading. It’s like escaping to another world for a little bit. When I was in college I would consume books over the summer before I had to go back to scholarly reading during the school year. Since I graduated my reading has seriously slowed. I’ve finished a few books, but Netflix has stolen way too much of my attention.

Alas, I am returning to my first love with a fierce dedication to follow through on my goal of being intentional with my time. The benefits of reading are innumerable. I’m doing this for me. Yo, readers are leaders. Or leaders are readers? Same thing.

Every month I am going to fill you all in on which books I will be finishing that month. My goal is to read 2-3 a month. This should not be too hard.

Sidenote: The hardest part for me is finishing a book. I’m the worst at starting a book and then starting a new one before I finish the first. It’s a serious problem. I may or may not be in the middle of 7 books currently…

At the end of the month I will give you my feedback on the books as a way to keep myself accountable.

With all that being said, here is my February reading list:

  • Confessions of a Church Kid – Elyse Murphy
  • It Starts With Food – Dallas and Melissa Hartwig
  • Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

There you have it. Feel free to read along. And I’m all for any suggestions you might have for me! I’m always looking to expand my personal library. Be sure to check back later for my thoughts on these books!


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