January Favorites

  1. Tori Kelly. I LOVE HER. There, just needed to get that out of the way. I remember seeing Tori’s audition on American Idol all those years ago, so when her youtube became a thing I was all over it. Her “Foreword” EP is just as good as her latest release, “Unbreakable Smile,” if not better. Her voice, the music, her lyrics – it’s perfection. Thank you Tori for coming to my city on tour. I got my tickets the day they went on sale and I’ll be the one right down front singing along to EVERY word on April 22. Let’s do this.
  2. Purposeful Planner. It’s old news that I love planners. WELL, for you fellow planner addicts out there, Corie Clark has designed the most perfect and magical planner I’ve ever seen (meal plans, budget sheets, goals/dreams/water intake – just a few of the features included in this planner). Others must agree with me, because she’s selling out already. I went to her website on Friday and ordered mine, then went back the next Monday to look for some photos and it was out of stock – just that fast! I’m very glad I got mine just in the nick of time. She has more coming out in the spring so head over to her website so you don’t miss them.
  3. Whole30. This is my second Whole30 and I’m loving it even more this time around. I’ve been so much better at prepping food and making sure I pack lunches that will keep me full (aka include protein). Obsessions: YNot chopped salads, mustard (on everything), and pickles. I know – weird. But so good. In fact, so good that midway through I decided I was going for a Whole100. Day 100 will be April 10, so on April 11 my goal is to go fully Paleo. I’ll be making more posts here dedicated solely to this feat as we go along. But I’ll say it again, I love Whole30.


  4. My cat. Sorry, but I’m not really sorry if you don’t like cats. Bentley is the best cat in the world. He’s the best cuddle buddy and I love him so much. I’ll spare you (this time) and won’t post a million photos, but rest assured that you will see more of B in the days to come.

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