November Favorites

It’s that time again. Here are the things that stick out to me from November:

1. Purpose by Justin Bieber. This cannot be the same little floppy-haired boy who won us all over with Baby and One Less Lonely Girl… Justin is all grown up and Kylie can’t stop listening to Sorry. This album is gold.

2. Christmas everything. I’m really sorry if you’re one of those crazy people who have rules about waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin all things Christmas (not sorry at all). I’m a little obsessed with Christmas and have been in the Christmas spirit since Christmas last year. It was a glorious November day when two Hampton Roads radio stations become dedicated Christmas channels and Netflix uploaded all the wonderful and cheesy Hallmark/Lifetime/ABC Christmas movies.

3. Minimizing my wardrobe. 
This November I decided to take on the challenge of going through all of my clothes – ALL of them. I had a bin in my closet of clothes I had not worn since high school. Why I still had them, I haven’t the slightest clue. But anything that was too small, too big, not my style, or had not been worn in the last 6 months was donated and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Now it’s even more apparent how much black I own…

Speaking of black – This is my new favorite winter staple. It’s mostly just an excuse to wear leggings to work, but these black sweaters are so comfy and are perfect paired with boots and scarves (my favorite things).

4. APPLE EVERYTHING. I went apple picking twice in November and brought back too many pounds of apples (no such thing). I finally made my own homemade cinnamon applesauce and I never want to buy it store-bought again. I also tried my hand at some paleo baking with some apple crisps and apple muffins. There definitely were some lowlights, but the highlights made up for it all. Don’t even get me started on Carter Mountain’s apple donuts…

There ya have it folks.
Xx K



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