Why Simply Kylie?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I’m sure most of you have heard the word “minimal” lately. There is a newer trend known as the “minimalistic” approach to life. Left and right, people are cutting back, weeding out, and stripping down to the bare necessities. This trend can be found in decorating, fashion, lifestyle, and many other places. If you have not heard of this trend, just search “minimal,” or “minimalist” on Pinterest and you will be greeted with all the guides and instructions your heart could ever desire.

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time. Trying to figure out what I would write about and what people are interested in is something I have been brainstorming for far too long. Who am I as a blogger and what will I use this platform for? And the hardest question of all – what will I name it? The name is a representation of the blog and that is a lot of pressure. So as I started to think more about content and the kinds of posts I wanted to write, this thought of minimalism kept coming back to me.

I like the idea of stripping everything back to get to the basics. Revealing the heart of the matter. No fluff, no fake, no appearances. Just the core, the nitty gritty, the real.

For months now, I have been stuck on the concept of getting back to the basics – in every area of life (big and small). I’m a firm believer that we never graduate from the basics. Basics are foundational for a reason. This is why minimalism is so appealing to me. I’m not a fan of distraction. Minimalism eliminates the distraction and reveals the truth.

Synonyms of SIMPLE:
Clean, elementary, plain, effortless, clear, honest, straightforward, transparent, uncomplicated, light, understandable, sincere.

Synonyms of SIMPLY:
Commonly, directly, easily, sincerely, honestly, naturally, openly, candidly.

Synonyms of minimal include: essential, nominal, fundamental.

Those are the kinds of things I want to write about; the kinds of things that carry meaning. Essential, fundamental, natural, straightforward, and honest. The moment this blog stops being those things is the moment it’s time to move on to something else.

I think that mastering the basics and the fundamentals makes us unique. That’s what this journey is all about – finding the things that make me me and learning to become unapologetic about those things. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

This is Simply Kylie. It’s just that simple.


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