October Favorites

I might be lying if I say that fall is my favorite because I’m a huge fan of winter as well, but I’m still undecided as to which season is my true favorite. Nonetheless, as soon as September rolls around I start checking the weather daily to see if it is socially acceptable to pull out my boots and scarves…

Fall is a big deal every year, but this year I stepped my game up. I’m blaming it on the fact that it’s the first fall that I have not had copious amounts of homework. I thought fall was fun before – it’s even better when you’re graduated and out of school.

I decided to share some of my favorite finds from October with all of you!

  1. Coffee and black. Two of my favorite things combined with another of my favorite things – coffee mugs. Thanks to Target, my mug collection will not be shrinking any time soon. (Similar)
  2. THIS CANDLE. Maybe the best coffee scented candle I’ve ever owned. The whole collection (check out the pumpkin!) is incredible. (Find this candle here)
  3. Fall without pumpkin spice is like Miley without Hannah Montana – it just ain’t right. Harney & Sons never disappoints and this tea is no different. (I got mine from Target, but you can find it on Harney or Amazon as well)


  1. The Girl On The Train. Time to be honest here: I started this book (and three others) and have not finished any of them yet. My reading game was severely slacking in October. I’ll have a post up soon dedicated solely to my recent reading list.
  2. It Starts With Food. Don’t get me started… I recently did my first Whole30 and it’s not an over exaggeration to say that it changed my life. I’ll share more about that at another time, but it would not have been anywhere near as successful without doing my research first. This book, written by the creators of the Whole30, blew. my. mind.


Pumpkins. I went a little overboard this year. Paint them, carve them, eat them, decorate with them, or have photo shoots with your kitten playing with them… Oh, that’s just me?


Xx K


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